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Buffalo Bills Lose Out on Fred Davis

Fred Davis Celebrates

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Much like the 2012 regular season, the Buffalo Bills have been outdone by another NFL team. This time the Washington Redskins have signed tight end Fred Davis to a one-year deal after five seasons in the Nation’s Capital. Davis has had troubles staying on the field for an array of reasons, however when he is healthy he is one of the best tight ends in the league.

Whether it was a bargaining tactic or Davis was really enticed by the Bills, Buffalo is left in the rear once again as they thought they had a shot signing the tight end. The silver lining for the team north of the border could be that Davis is only 28-years-old and will be an unrestricted free agent in 2013, barring an extension from Washington.

Buffalo was rumored to be the favorites to land the tight end, but Davis probably grew skeptical when he realized he could not name a single quarterback on the Bills roster.

The Bills questions at quarterback are not solely to blame, but I am sure that Davis prefers Robert Griffin III throwing to him instead of whoever the Bills trot under center.

Crunching the numbers, you will see that Davis was every bit as productive as Jared Cook who received a contract from the Tennessee Titans worth over $38M earlier this offseason. Davis has played in just 19 games over the last two seasons and still rivals Cook’s production in 29 games over the same time span. Davis has averaged 59 yards a game over the last two seasons while Cook averages a mere 44.

When healthy, Davis is the best tight end in the NFC East and I think the Redskins lucked out by giving him a one-year deal as it will motivate Davis even more to stay off of the disabled list. As for the Bills? Maybe they can test their luck in the NFL Draft as current tight end Scott Chandler is not set to be ready for Opening Day.