Can Jeff Garcia Really Help Mark Sanchez?

By Andrew Fisher
Don McPeak-USA Today Sports

Well, you have to give Mark Sanchez credit for trying. The often criticized quarterback of the New York Jets is doing his best to improve his game heading into the 2013 season. Over the past couple of weeks, Sanchez has been working with former NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia on and off the field, to try and improve his game.

The quarterbacks have been working out three times a week in southern California, mainly to get Sanchez familiar with the West Coast offense. This is of course the offense that Jets’ coordinator Marty Mornhinweg runs, so it’s only natural Sanchez is working hard to understand the ins-and-outs. Garcia is the ideal instructor, as he played for Mornhinweg during a couple stops in his lengthy career.

Is Garcia the best possible workout partner for Sanchez? Probably not, but he does know a thing or two about adversity. Garcia was constantly getting moved around from team to team during his 17-year career, and often found in himself in the middle of quarterback competitions.

Garcia made the follow comment on Sanchez and his current situation:

“The most important thing for Mark is to take that tough season last year as a learning experience from the standpoint of how he can get better and give his team the best chance to win. That has to be done in terms of being confident in his ability to run this system and speak the language correctly. So now when he takes the field in OTAs, he’ll be in that much more comfortable of a place.”

Sanchez supposedly is in a competition for his job this year, but it really seems like it’s his job to lose. I’d be shocked if he wasn’t the opening day starter.

Regardless, I applaud Sanchez for taking steps towards improving himself. The main thing he needs to understand is that he isn’t getting the job done, and it seems that he does fully comprehend that. The last two years have been bad, and if 2013 isn’t any different, it’s likely going to be curtains for the Sanchize.

Jeff Garcia should have a wealth of knowledge on the West Coast offense, and Jets’ fans will have to hope Sanchez can bring some of that to the table this season.


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