Has New York Jets Offense Embarrassed Its Way Out Of Free Agency?

By Dan Pizzuta
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not breaking any new ground to say the offense of the New York Jets was terrible in 2012. More people know that than know what exactly it is Kim Kardashian is famous for. Still—like the Kardashians—the Jets offense was so entertaining last season because it was a train wreck.

But has that train wreck become so bad no one wants to stop and help? That seems to be the case so far in free agency. Maybe the reason the Jets aren’t making any moves is because no one is interested in playing for them.

As free agent tight end Fred Davis finished his visit with the Buffalo Bills on Thursday night, he decided to narrow his choices down to the Bills and his former team the Washington RedskinsThis happens a lot, a player will visit with a new team and narrow his choices down to that team and his former team. Except in this case, Davis was scheduled to visit with the Jets on Friday. He narrowed his choices to two teams before meeting with any Jets representatives.

Davis decided he would rather not meet with the Jets at all than get a free dinner and his free agent price possibly bumped up with a third interested team. Rarely will any free agent pass on either of those two things.

It’s not completely out of the question Davis took a look at the state of the Jets offense and decided he didn’t want to be a part of it. That might not farfetched for other players either. Matt Moore decided at stay as Ryan Tannehill’s backup for the Miami Dolphins instead of exploring the possibility to compete for the starting job in New York.

When it becomes late in the free agency period, players are more willing to take one-year deals to prove themselves and test the market again the following year. The Jets might be finding themselves in a similar position. Players might want to see the Jets under control for a year on offense before they decide to commit to them for any number of years.

If the Jets were a player, they would be an under-performing veteran with some off-field issues. Those types of players aren’t usually getting long term commitments for teams. The same can go the other way.

Maybe the Jets can eventually settle down and have a kid with Kanye, but it looks like they’ll have to go through their Kris Humphries stage first.


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