Mike Wallace Turned Down More Money From Minnesota Vikings to Join Miami Dolphins

By Dan Parzych
(Mitch Stringer/USA Today Sports)

One of the biggest free agency moves this offseason involved the Miami Dolphins signing wide receiver Mike Wallace to a hefty five-year, $60 million deal–including $27 million guaranteed. The former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver was arguably the biggest free agent from this year’s class and as hefty as his deal from the Dolphins, Wallace apparently could have made even more money if he joined the Minnesota Vikings.

According to Wallace’s father, the Vikings were willing to offer the star wideout more money, but weather came down to being a key factor for his decision to head to Miami. Apparently, Wallace was trying to get away from the cold weather and snow–with Minnesota even making the offer that he would only have to live in the area during the regular season.

Obviously–even that wasn’t good enough to convince Wallace.

Either way, Wallace seems to have made a smart decision by joining the Dolphins considering how desperate they were for a wide receiver. Wallace has been fighting for a hefty contract for a long time and now that Miami was willing to pay him the money he deserves–the wideout looks to prove why he was worth the deal in 2013.

Even if he did join the Vikings, Wallace would most likely have made just as much of an impact as he’s going to make with the Dolphins in 2013–so this shows how much he really hates that cold weather if he was willing to turn down more money in Minnesota.

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