Minnesota Vikings: Trouble with New Stadium Funding?

By Andrew Fisher
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It took Roger Goodell calling out everyone involved in voting for a new Minnesota Vikings stadium, before a deal could even be reached in 2012. Finally though, after years of talk, the team had a real plan in place to build a new home. Funding was of course the biggest hold up for the new stadium, but eventually the city, state, and team figured up a plan to pay for the near $1 billion structure.

The state’s portion was supposed to be primarily funded by electronic pull-tab machines. These gamble-tron-2000’s were supposed to earn in the neighborhood of $35 million dollars per year. The problem? E-pulltabs only netted an estimated $1.7 million in the first year. In total, the state will have to account for $343 million of the new stadium funding, so at the current pace, it’s going to take awhile to reach goal.

The machines are in bars and restaurants, and apparently, just haven’t caught on yet.

Just speaking as someone who’s played ‘real’ pull-tabs in Minnesota – why would you want to play on a machine? Physically pulling the tabs is half the fun. It’s not surprising that the new machines only took in 1.7 mil, I’m shocked they did that well…

It’s unclear at this point if the state will look into a different funding option, or if the e-pulltabs will be given more time. Either way, this isn’t good news. It’s not to the point of putting the new stadium in jeopardy, but at this rate, something that bad can’t be too far off.


New Uniforms

In other team news, the Vikings will be unveiling new uniforms on April 25th. No one has an idea of what they look like yet, but I’m in favor of a new look. I don’t dislike the current unis, but they’re not really anything spectacular. I predict the new jerseys will be more bold, with sharper colors, and more in line with today’s high definition culture. But on the other side of that, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Vikings busting out the throwbacks a time or two in the upcoming season, either.


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