New York Giants Smart To Consider Acquiring Pat White

By Andrew Lecointe
Jonathan Brownfield — US Presswire

The New York Giants are only holding a workout for former Miami Dolphins‘ QB Pat White, but if they end up signing him, it’ll be an excellent decision. Sure, White will never see the field unless incumbent starting QB Eli Manning suffers an unfortunate injury. So why is it a good move for the Giants to sign a player who’ll most likely never see the field?

White can be the valuable practice player needed in order for the Giants’ defense to practice against the upcoming Philadelphia Eagles‘ spread offense and QB Robert Griffin III of the Washington Redskins, two division foes of the Giants who can cause problems for their defense. There have been many times when the third-string quarterback gives their defense a solid insight as to how the game will be played.

The Giants’ defense needs all the help they can possibly get. Their defense was horrible last season, and Griffin III was a part of that. Griffin III didn’t do as much damage to the Giants’ defense as he did to other teams, but you can never be too cautious. In addition to playing the Eagles and Redskins, the Giants also play the Seattle Seahawks next season, who have a dual-threat quarterback in QB Russell Wilson.

Wilson is slightly under six feet tall, while White is roughly six feet tall. Having White in this scenario could be very crucial, because the Giants have an edge with Wilson’s height. However, he has the ability to extend plays with his speed in the backfield, and if nothing develops down the field, he makes defenders miss. Getting familiar with those kinds of quarterbacks in practice can be golden for the Giants.

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