No-Brainer for Seattle Seahawks to Trade Matt Flynn

By Andrew Fisher
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

What a difference a year makes. 12 months ago, it was assumed that Matt Flynn would be the starting quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, for at least two or three seasons. The franchise acquired what they thought was a talent that was just hidden behind Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. It was basically Flynn’s team in Seattle, until the draft rolled around.

We all know what happened in round three, and the rest is history. Russell Wilson is the quarterback of the present and future in Seattle, and now Flynn is yet again stuck as a backup.

The Seahawks basically have an extremely expensive backup that they don’t need, so it hasn’t been surprising to see Flynn’s name come up in trade talks over the past couple of weeks. The Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars seem to be the most likely spots for the QB, and either one will provide him the chance he deserves to start.

This whole thing isn’t really even a knock on Flynn, it’s just that Wilson emerged as a better quarterback for Seattle. Flynn is probably more than capable as a starter in the NFL, and hopefully, he’ll get a shot to prove it.

Seattle should want to trade him, if for nothing else, to at least get a draft pick in return. The franchise is lacking in that department after giving up their first-rounder this year to acquire Percy Harvin, so any picks in return will be helpful. In addition, it will take Flynn’s contract off the books and let him finally move on with his career. Trading him is the right thing to do on many levels.


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