Oakland Raiders: Matt Flynn or Geno Smith at Quarterback?

By Andrew Fisher
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

With the Oakland Raiders emerging as one of the top landing spots for quarterback Matt Flynn, many questions are arising as to what the franchise should do with the No. 3 pick in this year’s draft. In addition to their potential interest in Flynn, the team has also been linked to interest in quarterback Geno Smith. With the third spot in the draft, the Raiders figure to only have competition for Smith from the Jacksonville Jaguars, who also happen to be in the Flynn sweepstakes.

With Carson Palmer likely on his way out in Oakland, who should the Raiders pursue to be their new QB?

It’s no secret that the Raiders are rebuilding in 2013. While it might not be a complete overhaul, the team is somewhat going back to square one. Paying Palmer $13 million dollars just doesn’t seem like a good business move, so I firmly believe they should pursue one of the above mentioned quarterbacks.

Flynn is more of an immediate fix. While he doesn’t have a ton of experience, he has been in the league awhile now, and in theory, would be better suited to take over the reigns in Oakland.

Smith on the other hand, could be molded into a true franchise player. The Raiders could make him their guy from day one in his career, and build around him for years to come. He doesn’t seem to be another JaMarcus Russell (according to draft experts everywhere), but there is some risk associated with taking him at No. 3.

It’s going to be an extremely tough decision for the Raiders, to say the least.

I think it will all boil down to just how far the franchise wants to strip things down. If they’re going to just completely gut everything and start over, Smith is probably the best bet. If they’re going for a one or two year retool, then Flynn would figure to be the best option. Either way though, I think their best served to show Palmer the door, save some money, and give someone else a chance to run the show.


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