Dear Tim Tebow

By alfredepps
New York Jets Tim Tebow
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Dear Tim Tebow,

You have come to my team, the New York Jets, and brought with you “Tebowmania.” I’m here to let you know that I can no longer accept this. My Jets have been in disarray ever since you held your “So Excited” press conference. Since you’ve arrived from the Denver Broncos, I have been deprived of a confident starting quarterback in Mark Sanchez, AFC playoff championship games, an F-bomb dropping great coach Rex Ryan, a dominant top-tier NFL defense and most importantly, Fireman Ed is gone. Now it’s your turn. You need to go!

All these incidences have caused great anguish to my fellow New Yorkers. Especially with the New York Giants, our rivals and MetLife Stadium roommates, looking at us laughing. I’m here to tell you that 2013 will not be a laughing matter. As Bart Scott  famously said, “Can’t wait.” I can’t wait until you leave the Jets.

If you can just take your contract and dump it in the Hudson River so my Jets can go out in free agency and sign some free agents who can actually produce for my team, I’d greatly appreciate it. The truth is, nobody likes you in New York. We are about winning and playing like a Jet and you, my friend are no Jet. When was the last time you actually felt like a quarterback? Do you realize the Jets’ coaching staff has no clue what to do with you?

Tebow I do hope this letter reaches you in time before the start of training camp and you are able to understand that this is nothing personal, just business.



New York


P.S. It might be a good idea for you to leave the AFC altogether. Because if you think your visits to New York during the season will be pleasant you can just “Fuggedaboutit”.



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