Matthew Stafford Among Quarterbacks To Benefit From Tony Romo Extension

By Jeff Everette
Matthew Stafford-Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

In a market that has seen Brian Urlacher and Wes Welker part ways with their teams over the inability to reach an acceptable agreement, yet another quarterback has secured an outlandish contract extension. This time the luck lottery winner is the Dallas Cowboys oft beleaguered quarterback, Tony Romo, and while the contract certainly made Romo a very happy man, it also put a smile on Matthew Stafford’s face.

The Detroit Lions have made it very clear that they want Stafford to be their quarterback for a very long time, and Romo’s new deal helps to set the market in the area of Duck McScrooge nasty high.

Romo’s extension locks him in with the Cowboys for the next six years and will make him $108 million-dollars richer. This is quite a bit less than the Baltimore Ravens’ Joe Flacco. The MVP of the Super Bowl cashed in on his championship run, inking a deal worth $120.6 million. What makes Romo’s contract so impressive is the ghastly $55 million he will get in guaranteed money.

This comes despite the hardships Romo has suffered throughout his career. Over his 10 years with the Cowboys he has only managed to lead them to one single, solitary playoff win. Last season he threw three or more interceptions in a game, on three different occasions, and for the second year in a row, the Cowboys were kept from the postseason after losing a “win and get in” scenario during the last week of the regular season.

Despite the questions that surround Romo’s ability to make the correct play when the game matters most, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones felt it was necessary to pay his quarterback like a Super Bowl winner, a move that sits just fine with the rest of the quarterbacks in the league working on extensions of their own.

In Stafford’s case, the Lions want a deal done before the 2013 season begins and with the numbers involved in the last two contracts, it will be extremely lucrative for the 25 year-old. He will also benefit from the next deal on the horizon. Rumors have the Green Bay Packers very close to an extension with Aaron Rodgers, an extension that would make him the highest payed player in NFL history.

There could never be a better time for Stafford to be involved in contract negotiations, or rather, for his agents to be involved in contract negotiations. The icing on the cake for Stafford? The agency handling his business is known as CAA Sports, the same group that  just made Romo the highest paid Cowboy ever.

It is a good time to be a franchise quarterback in the NFL.


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