St. Louis Rams Receiving Silent Treatment from Rodger Saffold

By Anthony Blake
Rodger Saffold - St. Louis Rams
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Remember that time when you forgot your anniversary and your significant other gave you the good old-fashioned silent treatment for the following five days around the house? Well apparently that tactic isn’t exclusive to romantic relationships.

When the St. Louis Rams began courting left tackle Jake Long to join their team, many wondered about the future of their incumbent blindside protector, Rodger Saffold, and the impact a signing would have on his psyche. It’s now official that Saffold is less than thrilled with the signing as the Rams have been unable to reach their former left tackle since Long’s signing on March 18.

According to a story in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Head Coach Jeff Fisher said: “We’ve been trying to reach Rodger, and he’s not returning calls right now. But we’ll get things settled, and Rodger’s a big part of our future and a big part of our plans on offense.” If that doesn’t sound like a desperate lover looking for the nearest flower shop, I don’t know what does.

What may be playing a large role in Saffold’s dissatisfaction is his impending contract situation next offseason. It’s a well-known fact that left tackles make significantly more cash than those on the right side and position switch would damage Saffold’s bank account in a big way.

Could a trade be in the works or is that something Saffold may demand? That still remains unclear according to Fisher who went on to say: “No. It’s just been quiet. And we’re trying to reach Rodger just like we’re trying to reach all of our other players. We stay in touch with our players. Maybe he’s traveling and is on his way back.”

While this theory is certainly a possibility, a two week period of no contact seems like an awful long hiatus just due to travel arrangements. This could pose a significant issue for a Rams team that believed they solved a problem at the tackle position by signing Long, not created one. Saffold was expected to become the other bookend and only further enhance what has been a rather underwhelming line St. Louis during quarterback Sam Bradford’s first three years in the NFL.

Now it is basically just a waiting game for the team until Saffold ends his reign of silent terror over the organization. If he is unhappy, perhaps the team would look to shop him during the upcoming NFL Draft and recoup some picks to further solidify the offensive front. Something tells me this saga is far from over as there is no fury like a left tackle scorned.

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