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NFL Baltimore Ravens

Top 10 Best NFL teams since 2000

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NFL's consistent contenders

Champions are noticed
John David Mercer- USA Today Sports

In this ranking, obviously winning matters. The more you get closer to the elite teams near the top, the more likely you are splitting hairs. One could say, “Well the best NFL teams are always the teams with the best quarterbacks.” It doesn’t work that way. Multiple factors have to come in terms of the front office and maintaining excellence.

Super Bowls are weighed heavily as well as playoff appearances in the ranking. Universally, we have seen the elite teams in the NFL, but where do they all rank? Let’s look at a few and let’s see their arguments.

The New York Giants, even though they don’t make the playoffs with consistency as much as others would like, they have made the playoffs seven times and two Super Bowl championships since 2000.

The have Pittsburgh Steelers have three Super Bowl appearances since 2000 as well as 12 playoff wins which is third in league but also have a weird pattern of making the playoffs since 2000 two years in a row then missing it the third.

The Baltimore Ravens have Super Bowl wins since 2000 as well as being second in the league with 14 playoff wins over that time and nine playoff appearances will give you this spot. They also have by far the most road playoff wins with nine.

The Indianapolis Colts have made the playoffs 11 times since 2000 which is the most in the league, but only have nine playoff wins over that time. But hey, winning a Super Bowl and getting to another one is no joke. The emergence of Andrew Luck taking the team to the playoffs last year after everyone viewed them as done when Peyton Manning left shows resiliency by the front office. They deserve to be in this discussion.

The New England Patriots having three Super Bowl wins since 2000 which leads the league, they hold the top spot for now with their league-leading 17 playoff wins in that time. Does spy gate have a legit impact on these standings?

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No. 10 Denver Broncos

Six playoff appearances
Brian Spurlock- USA Today Sports

The Broncos have had their share of issues during the last 13 seasons in the league, but Peyton Manning is looked upon to save franchise for now.

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No.9 Seattle Seahawks

Seven playoff appearances
Daniel Shirey- USA Today Sports

The Seahawks have quietly been among the league's best teams. With Russell Wilson entering the scene, this is a team we could be talking about as elite for the next several years.

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No.8 New Orleans Saints

Five playoff appearances
Tim Heitman- USA Today Sports

Drew Brees saved this franchise and the city in so many ways. Since 2006, the Saints have been a dangerous contender with one Super Bowl victory. Look for a much improved defense with Rob Ryan at the helm.

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No.7 Philadelphia Eagles

10 playoff appearances
Brad Penner- USA Today Sports

Despite their recent struggles, the Eagles have been elite for the majority of the last 13 seasons. Not many teams can match five NFC Championship games and a Super Bowl appearance.

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No.6 Green Bay Packers

Nine playoff appearances
Jeff Hanisch- USA Today Sports

When you look at stability in the NFL, Green Bay is in the discussion by default.

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No.5 Indianapolis Colts

11 playoff appearances
Brian Spurlock- USA Today Sports

Everyone thought this team was a one man team when Manning was there, but the organization seemed to pick up where they left off with Luck. Give the front office credit.

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No.4 New York Giants

Seven playoff appearances
Rafael Suanes- USA Today Sports

The Giants could be better than what they are. They are kind of like the student who waits till the day of the final exam to finally hit the books. But hey, they aced the exam with two Super Bowl wins in the last six seasons.

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No.3 Pittsburgh Steelers

Eight playoff appearances
Jason Bridge- USA Today Sports

Three Super Bowl appearances since 2000, but could we be seeing a crossroads in the organization? They know how to get it done.

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No.2 Baltimore Ravens

Nine playoff appearances
Evan Habeeb

Probably among the elite teams since 2000, the Ravens are the most underrated. People keep thinking their quarterbacks are not very good yet their opponents keep losing on a weekly basis.

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No.1 New-England Patriots

10 playoff appearances
David Butler- USA Today Sports

With three Super Bowl rings, they have accomplished enough not to be questioned.