Kevin Kolb is a Questionable Signing for Buffalo Bills

By Andrew Fisher
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Kevin Kolb is now a member of the Buffalo Bills. It’s something that I’m sure many fans didn’t want to hear, but after rumors started to swirl earlier in the weekend, it seemed like only a matter of time. The deal is expected to be for two-years, and worth potentially up to $12 million.

Kolb joins a team that currently has Tavaris Jackson as the only legitimate NFL quarterback on the roster. So for the time being, Kolb pencils in as the starter in Buffalo. We won’t know until after the draft if that will stick, but it’s certainly the case right now.

This fact, will no doubt cause somewhat of a controversy for Bills’ fans, mainly because it now casts doubt on whether the team will select a QB with the No. 8 pick in the draft. Geno Smith has been on the Bills’ radar for weeks now, and many were hoping the team would go in that direction. With Kolb now on the roster, adding a first round talent doesn’t make as much sense.

If it’s the team’s intent to create as much competition as possible by signing Kolb, that’s a different story. But paying him $12 million, is another.

The counter argument would be that Kolb deserves another shot at starting in the NFL. He didn’t get a fair shake in Philly, and the Arizona Cardinals were just a mess last year. Not to mention, he’s had constant struggles with injuries. But is that really the kind of guy the Bills want running their team?

If they elect not to pursue a QB at No. 8, then the Bills better make a splash with whoever they take. They better have a solid plan if place if they don’t make a run at Smith, and it will have to include some weapons for Kolb.

Kevin Kolb is a questionable signing for the Bills. The smart money is that he’s eventually headed for a career-backup role, and that this signing won’t result in Buffalo making the playoffs in 2013.


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