Mike McCoy Will Have Task of Motivating ‘Complacent’ San Diego Chargers

By Kevin Chan
Mike McCoy - San Diego Chargers
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Mathews said that the San Diego Chargers last season were ‘complacent’ under Norv Turner. New head coach Mike McCoy will have the tough task of trying to change that.

“I think (Turner) did everything he could to try to make us win, no doubt about it,” Mathews said on NFL AM. “I just think we really got complacent to where we were and what we were doing and thought we were owed to win games.”

“It was kind of just a routine thing, it wasn’t something new. I think the new coaches being in here is going to be good for us.”

Turner finally got the boot after missing the playoffs for the third consecutive year. But he held on to his job much longer than he should have because the players allowed him to.

Following the disappointing 2011 season, the players pleaded with the front office to keep Turner for another season. Maybe they felt that they could win under Turner if they gave him another chance. Or maybe they enjoyed the lax environment and wanted another year to take advantage of his soft nature. If Turner had already lost the players, why else would they’ve wanted him for another season?

The fact that we’re hearing now that they tuned Turner out is worrisome for the future. Yes, Turner wasn’t assertive and didn’t coach with a sense of urgency, but there has to be some accountability among the players.

After six years with Turner, it’s tough to think that the players will immediately turn on the switch and become motivated again under McCoy. McCoy isn’t a fiery guy either and could very well lose the players if there aren’t substantial changes to the Chargers’ routine.

The problem in the last few years was much more than just Norv Turner. Though getting rid of him should definitely help change the losing culture in San Diego, the players must get it together too.

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