Chicago Bears Have Been Silent on Devin Hester as of Late

By Ryan Heckman
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Lately the Chicago Bears have made many moves that will prove to add a lot more to their roster going into the 2013 season. Starting off the period with a bang in signing Jermond Bushrod and Martellus Bennett, Phil Emery and company have made it a priority to improve offensively.

After head coach Lovie Smith was fired in favor of Marc Trestman, a few players were saddened and even angered by the move. None were more publicized however than wide receiver/kick returner Devin Hester.

Hester was seen with his head down wearing a hooded sweatshirt to cover his eyes, while sitting at his locker with reporters nagging him for a reaction. Hester most notably said that he may never want to play football again due to his relationship with Smith and not getting the chance to play for him anymore.

As the offseason progressed, Hester came forward and said that he wants to play for the Bears still, but if they try and use him as a receiver he will refuse.

While this sounds like pure drama to most, it is music to my ears. Hester was never really a solid wide receiver anyways. If anything, it hampered his ability to focus on what he will surely be known for as a future Hall of Famer – the return game.

Trestman knows he has a special player in Hester, and new special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis has stated he is excited to get to work with him in the return game. DeCamillis says he knows Hester still has much left in the tank to contribute as a return man.

Lately, though, the Bears have not said much about the Hester situation. I don’t doubt that he will be back with Chicago for sure and contributing as their primary return man, but the silence feels somewhat strange.

Going into the NFL Draft, hopefully the Bears have a better idea of what they’re expecting out of the exciting ball handler. After all the rookies are selected and signed, it would be in the organization’s best interest to establish Hester’s role and assure fans that he will indeed work to return to form.

Hester still has the speed to blow past most players in the NFL. The field vision has been in question, although I contribute that to his having to play two positions, one being unnatural to him. Still very capable, quick, and agile, I believe Hester will return to the exciting player he was and still is once DeCamillis and Trestman establish his role.

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