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Denver Broncos: John Elway Addresses Offseason Questions

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Denver Broncos Executive Vice-President of Football Operations John Elway was on 850 KOA in Denver on Monday and said the front office is moving onto the draft. Their draft meetings begin on Wednesday and that will be the focus from now until the first-round on April 25th.

Elway also addressed a couple of other issues including the team’s pursuit of a replacement of Elvis Dumervil. He said those guys (Dwight Freeney and John Abraham) are still out there as options but, for now, the Broncos are comfortable with Robert Ayers.

Don’t expect the Broncos to sign Freeney unless he comes off of his money demands and agrees to play for what the Broncos are offering. They would like to have him but as we’ve all ready seen, Elway will not overpay for anyone.

Elway was also asked about rumors that Dumervil was given the wrong fax number by the organization, and that led to the fiasco last month. The front office boss was professional but stern when he said, “We had a 1:00 deadline, and I’m not going to take it any farther.” It’s rather obvious that Elway is done with the Dumervil thing, and is ready to move on.

On the upcoming draft, Elway was very honest about how he feels about the Broncos. He said, “We feel like we are a very good football team now, and do not have too many glaring needs. Because of that, we have the luxury of taking the best player available.”

On the whole, it was a very direct interview with Elway who is happy with the work the Broncos have done to this point. He also made it known that the goal for the 2013 season is a Super Bowl Championship, and anything less than that would be a disappointment.

The Broncos could still sign a free agent or two, maybe even Freeney but the focus is now on the draft and the offseason program which begins on April 15th. As stated many times, the Broncos have an offseason plan and the next step begins Wednesday.

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