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Miami Dolphins 2013 Mock Draft, Week 4: Seven Rounds

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Miami Dolphins 2013 NFL Mock Draft

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My mock this week will look extremely similar to last week’s because I only made two changes. The Miami Dolphins were quiet last week, only picking up Brent Grimes, who will definitely help out at the cornerback position. Not to undermine the Grimes pick up, because it was a great one, but other than that no moves were really made.

The Dolphins still are searching for that lockdown corner, and that is addressed in this mock draft. They are also looking for a replacement at left tackle as well as another offensive lineman to help anchor the line. They are on the lookout for a compliment to Dustin Keller at tight end, as well as pass rush help. They also need a linebacker.

All of these issues are addressed in the mock. All of the pass rushers that I have in this mock are freak athletes with great speed. I believe that this draft will bring a lot of big time players to help the Dolphins line. With these additions, The Dolphins defense could be the next up and coming great defense in the league.

The tight end I have going in this mock is even better than the prospect I had them picking up in last week’s mock. This guy is an absolute beast who draws comparisons to Brandon Pettingrew.

Comment and let me know your thoughts. I am always open for suggestions, and I love to hear what the fans have to say. A few weeks ago fans expressed what they wanted to see in the next mock, and I listened to them, and took their advice. So, keep the suggestions coming!

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Lane Johnson, Offensive Guard - Oklahoma

Mathew Emmons-USA Today Sports

I had them going offensive line last week and I will keep on having them go offensive line in the first round unless they magically acquire a left tackle. Lane Johnson can be the next great left tackle for the Dolphins.

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Second Round: Jamar Taylor, Cornerback, Boise State

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The Dolphins need a lockdown corner, and Jamar Taylor is arguable the best corner prospect in the draft. He’s a great talent who is physical and instinctive.

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Second Round (2): Gavin Escobar, Tight End, San Diego State

Kirby Lee-USA Today Sports

With the addition of Grimes, the Dolphins no longer need to go back to back with cornerback picks. So, I’ve moved up their tight end pick up to the second round, picking up Gavin Escobar. Escobar is 6’6, and extremely athletic for his size. He has good hands, is a good blocker and a good fit for the Dolphins.

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Third Round: Kiko Alonso, Linebacker, Oregon

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With the addition of Kiko Alonso, the Dolphins linebacker core could be very good someday. Alonso’s athleticism, physicality and quickness can help him become a great player someday. It may not be a fan favorite going with a linebacker, but the position always needs improvement.

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Third Round (2): Devin Taylor, Defensive End, South Carolina

Jeremy Brevard-USA Today Sports

The 6’7 Devin Taylor is a monster on the line. His quickness combined with his size could help him develop into a great defensive end some day.

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Fourth Round: Corey Lemonier, Defense End, Auburn

Paul Abell-USA Today Sports

I am going with my same pick as last week in the fourth round. I may be criticized for going back to back defensive ends, but I believe Corey Lemonier is a great talent to get in the fourth round and it will be interesting to see what he can do in the league.

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Fifth Round: Robert Lester, Safety, Alabama

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The Dolphins need a safety, and Robert Lester is the best prospect in the fifth round who is capable of playing physical football.

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Seventh Round: Denard Robinson, Wide Receiver, Michigan

Kim Klement-USA Today Sports

I had them picking Denard Robinson here last week. Look, we all know what Robinson can do; maybe he can be the next great wildcat orchestrator. Or, he can learn how to catch with his hands instead of his body and become a great slot receiver.

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Seventh Round (2): Tanner Hawkinson, Offensive Tackle, Kansas

Brian Spurlock-USA Today Sports

Tanner Hawkinson is a guy who every team would like to have. Hawkinson can be that work horse on the line for an offense that needs his service.