Oakland Raiders make mistake in trading for Matt Flynn

By Josh Walfish

What do Matt Cassel and Matt Flynn have in common?

They’re both quarterbacks that thrived in a certain system, but have not repeated that success with their new team. Which is why the Oakland Raiders‘ decision to trade for Flynn was so puzzling.

One can argue Flynn has not had his chance to lead an NFL team, but what about his stats makes him worthy of this hype? He was beaten out by rookie Russell Wilson last season with the Seattle Seahawks, the type of mobile quarterback the Raiders possess in Terrelle Pryor. He has thrown five interceptions in 142 career throws, a ratio which is not much better than Carson Palmer last season. Flynn’s only year as a starter at LSU produced very similar statistics to what Palmer put up last year in the NFL.

Flynn is not a bad quarterback by any sense, but his resume does not scream starting quarterback. He is more than capable of handing the ball off to Darren McFadden in the backfield, but there is much to be desired in his passing ability. He completed just 56 percent of his passes in his senior year at LSU and his touchdown-to-interception ratio is not amazing. He threw for just 2,400 yards in college and his one start in the league came against one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL.

At the end of the day, Flynn is not an upgrade from Palmer. The two draft picks the Raiders gave up was not worth it for a sideways move. While the pick they will likely get for Palmer is useful, it was not worth it to trade a proven starter for a risk that will probably not pay off.

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