Once Again, Matt Flynn Just Can’t Catch a Break After Trade to Oakland Raiders

Last season, Matt Flynn joined the Seattle Seahawks with the intention of taking over the starting job at quarterback since he knew it would never happen in a million years with the Green Bay Packers as long as Aaron Rodgers was around. Unfortunately, the situation didn’t get any better for Flynn in 2012 as he ended up losing the starting job to rookie quarterback Russell Wilson–who won the job in training camp and played a key factor in helping the team reach the postseason.

Now that it’s clear Wilson is the future in Seattle, Flynn was once again in a similar situation like last year where he knew the only chance at starting would be on a different team–which is where the Oakland Raiders come into play.

The Raiders agreed to acquire Flynn from the Seahawks on Monday–making it even more clear the Carson Palmer era is all but over in Oakland–and while the team may think this helps their situation at quarterback, Flynn still has plenty to prove when it comes to being a starter. Keep in mind Seattle based their decision last year to sign Flynn off of a few impressive games from the 2011 season and as bad as it sounds–Oakland won’t make things any easier for him when it comes to their receiving core.

There’s no question the potential is certainly there for Flynn, but there was a reason why he chose to sign with Seattle prior to last season and he most likely would have reconsidered which team he joined if he knew this was going to happen. He may receive the opportunity to start with the Raiders, but it will certainly be interesting to see whether or not he can live up to the expectations in 2013.

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