Robert Griffin III Sprinting Toward Recovery at Adrian Peterson-Like Pace

By Ryan Heckman


Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Redskins‘ prized possession in quarterback Robert Griffin III is about to be on the move. Griffin will supposedly be cleared to start running on the field next week, his father — who has not been shy about his son’s health since the injury — told the Washington Post.

Since the injury, Griffin’s father has been incredibly outspoken about his son’s recovery. In fact, he has been preaching a miraculous recovery since the week Griffin originally got hurt. In the week following the injury, he said that he predicts his son will absolutely be ready to start the 2013-2014 season.

If all indications come to fruition, Griffin will be on pace to recover at nearly the same rate Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson did. In roughly nine months, “All Day” as his fans call him, was able to make a full recovery and start the season opener in 2012.

In case you have recently moved to the country or this is the very first time you’ve used the internet, Peterson was the NFL‘s MVP last season. In an improbable fashion, Peterson completed the most amazing ACL recovery in recent memory coming up less than 10 yards from breaking Eric Dickerson‘s all-time single-season rushing record.

This feeling is all too familiar for NFL fans it seems, at least that’s how it feels at the moment. We knew Peterson was a special breed; we just didn’t know how special. After a sensational rookie season, Griffin showed us he is also a special player. Now, it’s time to find out just how special. From the looks of it, he is headed in the direction of being on the level of last year’s MVP, and heading there in a hurry.

Griffin has established himself as a guy that you cannot help but fall in love with. He has a child-like attitude about him when it comes to being a tough player. Being a guy who will never quit on his team and almost force himself to play in a game where he’s not at full health, his indispensable outlook on being a leader is refreshing. As proven last year, though, it can also be dangerous.

It will all be a part of growing into his role as the face of the franchise for years to come for Griffin. He will learn more and more as the weeks, months and years go by how he can better serve his team and better protect his body. Griffin possesses a rare set of skills that many athletes wish they had at the quarterback position. What’s even greater than his skills is his heart and passion for not only the game of football but for life itself.

This is a great break of news for not only the Redskins, but for the league as a whole and for football fans everywhere. As Griffin continues his recovery, we can only hope and pray that he gets back on that field in such a manner as only superheroes can do.

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