Shaun Rogers: March's Dumb Jock of the Month

By andRe Christos Helios
andre Christos Rant Sports

The time has come for your monthly Dumb Jock of the Month award. February’s award-winning jock was Da’Quan Bowers, who was dumb enough to have a firearm in his carry-on without thinking he would get nabbed by La Guardia airport’s security. Bowers, who is a defensive end for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is going to need one heck of a defense in court to beat this charge.

Nevertheless, for the month of March, thanks to Paulito Aponte for the newsfeed, the award goes to another defensive player, Shaun Rogers of the New York Giants. Rogers made the news late in March for having close to $500, 000 worth of jewelry plundered from his hotel room in Miami, Florida.

Here’s the scenario: Rogers is out clubbing with a guy and a femme at Club LIV. He meets a femme at the club and brings the trio back to his hotel room. This is sometimes called an after party. But the giant ran out of juice and decided to go to sleep while the others stayed awake in his hotel room. Yes, I did the same thing: “Whhhatttt?”

Now to be fair to the jock, he did take precautions in locking up his coveted jewels in a safe before dozing off.

Apparently, there are more details to the story. Once he realized that his precious jewels were missing, he did what anyone would do: he called legal authorities. The only problem? He couldn’t identify the femme from the club! So Mr. Rogers gets robbed for his jewels, calls the police, but can’t get the right amount of help because he didn’t know the woman’s name.

A funny world we live in, isn’t it? This enormous defensive tackle gets sacked for his jewels! He anticipated a blitz, but couldn’t get out of it regardless! And this is what happens when you pick up complete strangers!

Now we can call this a case of bad luck, or karma; in 2007, this giant idiot was accused of sexually assaulting a stripper, but there wasn’t sufficient evidence to prosecute him. Now he is the victim of a crime and it looks like there isn’t much of anything to even nab a suspect!

It’s a funny world we live in. The moral of the story: don’t talk to strangers and what goes around, comes around. Congratulations, Shaun Rogers, you’re March’s Dumb Jock of the Month!


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