Cleveland Browns Could Strike Gold With David Nelson Signing

By Devin O'Barr
David Nelson could be newest Cleveland Brown
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns are not known for stellar free agent signings, but they have made some pretty shifty moves in the past few offseasons. With the offense slowly starting to focus more around Trent Richardson, Cleveland is just a few pieces away from competing in a weakened AFC North.

Cleveland is interested in former Buffalo Bills wide receiver David Nelson, and I think this move makes a ton of sense for the Browns. Nelson is a relative unknown, but at age 26, the risk is definitely worth the reward in this scenario. 2011 was the year that Nelson burst onto the scene with 688 yards and five touchdowns. Had Nelson not gone down with a torn ligament in his right knee, the ex-Bill would have garnered a pretty penny this offseason.

If injury prone guys like Danny Amendola can get paid by NFL teams, then I do not see why more teams are not chomping at the bit for this up an coming wideout. I understand that a Pro Bowl is probably not in Nelson’s future, but he has ton of potential and his 6-foot-5 217 pound frame can help any team. Leave it to the Browns to find a steal in a guy like Nelson.

Last season, Cleveland’s leading receiver was Josh Gordon who has yet to turn 22 years old. Although it would be a rather unconventional duo, the pairing of the speedy Gordon and talented Nelson would be something to see. Either way, the Browns have a lot to gain from signing the former Florida Gator.

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