Indianapolis Colts are Right Behind Houston Texans in AFC South

By Andrew Fisher
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Last year about this time, if you told someone the Indianapolis Colts would be a legitimate playoff team in 2013, they would have probably rolled their eyes. After the harsh Peyton-less reality that Indy experienced in 2011, no one thought they stood a chance in 2012. Sure, they had the No. 1 pick and Andrew Luck in the bag, but most thought it would be a three or four year rebuilding process…

Well, here we are getting ready for the draft in 2013, and the Colts are right there behind the best teams in the AFC. Clearly, it’s still a conference dominated by the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos, but Indy isn’t too far behind.

They made it there so much sooner than anyone anticipated, that I think people aren’t taking them as a serious contender next season. So how far away are they, if they’re not quite there?

First and foremost, how about a realistic goal like winning the AFC South? Even this seems like a daunting task going up against the Houston Texans, but it’s very possible. Indy finished 11-5 last year, and just behind Houston in the division. If they can shave one loss of their record, or sweep the Texans, they’ve got it. They’re basically a game or two away from being the AFC South Champions, and earning a home playoff game to boot.

Most people expect the Colts to take the next step in 2013, and if the Texans don’t, Indy will be right on their heels. So far the Colts haven’t made any major offseason acquisitions, so you have to figure they’re loading up for the draft. Houston is in the same boat, so it will be interesting to see who comes out with the best draft class. That alone, could decide the AFC South next season.

The Colts are right there, and with a few tweaks and additions, they could easily pass the Texans on their way to a division title in 2013.


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