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Miami Dolphins Ushering in Change with New Logo

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins officially confirmed their new logo on Monday, and with it, comes a bit of a fresh feel for the franchise.

After years of just kind of floating around the middle and lower parts of the AFC East standings, the Dolphins seem to have finally turned the corner. They’ve got a franchise quarterback in place, and now through efforts in free agency, they’ve surrounded him with weapons. Parts have also been added to their defense, and overall, the franchise has taken a big step forward in the last few weeks.

Now with the upcoming draft, the Dolphins sit in position to really cap off a tremendous start to 2013. Most have deemed  them the ‘winners’ of free agency, so if they can really be on point in the draft, things could take shape quickly next season.

It’s only appropriate that a new logo was introduced during this period, because it already felt like a period of change in Miami.

While everything has looked good on paper so far for the Dolphins this year, there’s still a lot of work to be done on the field. After finishing with seven wins in 2012, the next step is winning a couple more games to get in the hunt for a wild card spot. I think that’s a realistic goal for Miami next year. They’re a couple years away from competing with the New England Patriots for the AFC East crown, so just making the playoffs should be the goal.

The AFC is going to be wide open next year (after the top couple of spots), so a team like Miami should have a good chance to make some noise. I like the timing of this new logo, and now it officially feels like a new era in South Beach.

Here’s a look at the new helmets. I like the fact that they stayed true to the old logo, and just modernized it…

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