Minnesota Vikings: Manti Te'o is Not the Worst Pick in First Round

By Andrew Fisher
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Whether Minnesota Vikings‘ fans like it or not, there’s a good chance the team will select Manti Te’o in this year’s NFL Draft. They’ve been interested in the linebacker from the start of the offseason, and now with two first round picks, the likelihood is greater than ever that Te’o dons the purple and gold next season.

I wrote about the possibility of Te’o going to the Vikings awhile back, and I came to the conclusion that I didn’t want the team to use a first round draft pick on him. I just thought it was too risky, and that the team needed a wide receiver instead. But on top of all that, I said if the Vikings could finagle another pick early on, that I wouldn’t mind them drafting Te’o too. Well, they got one.

As long as the franchise gets a receiver in the first round, I’m satisfied. After that, I’m just going to trust Rick Spielman to do another fantastic job like last year. If the team wants to take a chance on Te’o with the 25th pick, fine with me.

Te’o fills a need on the team, and even though opinions vary on whether he can be a franchise middle linebacker, no one doubts that he can come in right away and contribute. He’d be joining a team with the familiar 4-3 defense, and several other players from his days at Notre Dame. Harrison Smith would even be lined up right behind him at safety.

Te’o to the Vikings makes a lot of sense. He figures to go in the range where the Viking pick in the first round, they need a linebacker, and now they have one first round pick they can take a chance on.

If you’re someone who still can’t get over the whole ‘dead girlfriend situation,’ it’s time to move on. Te’o will be nothing more than another rookie in a couple months. No one in the NFL is going to care about his past when it comes down to it on Sundays. It’s now about getting it done on the field, and Te’o does have the potential to do that right away.

There are worse picks Vikings’ fans, way worse picks, just remember that…


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