Offensive Line Market May Help Jacksonville Jaguars Trade Down In NFL Draft

By Joey Farbo
NFL Draft Luke Joeckel
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

There is rampant speculation as to what the Jacksonville Jaguars are going to do with the second pick in the upcoming NFL Draft, but I still believe that they are still hoping to trade down and acquire more draft picks.

While most people have focused on teams moving up to draft quarterback Geno Smith, I think that a push by teams desperate to get a left tackle could assist the Jaguars desires to move down on draft day. Luke Joeckel, Eric Fisher and Lane Johnson have all emerged as top-10 prospects, but there are far more teams in the top half of the first round who have a need at left tackle than there are top tier prospects available at the position.

With Joeckel most likely coming off of the board with the first pick to the Kansas City Chiefs, teams like the San Diego Chargers at 11 and Miami Dolphins at 12 could start to get antsy as it becomes increasingly likely that none of the left tackle prospects will fall to them. As it stands I have a hard time seeing Fisher and Johnson falling past the Arizona Cardinals, who have the seventh pick.

The question is whether or not a team like the Chargers or Dolphins would be willing to put together a package of picks that will jump them all the way up to the second pick. My guess is that a team like to Dolphins, who spent a ton of money in free agency this offseason to win now but lost franchise left tackle Jake Long to the St. Louis Rams, would be willing to part with the picks necessary to make a jump from 12 to 2.

While moving down all the way to 12 would more than likely take the Jaguars out of the running for Smith, the extra picks they would earn for the move would be more than worth it.

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