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Should New York Giants Acquire Veteran Pass Rusher?

Kevin Liles — US Presswire

The departure of DE Osi Umenyiora probably will not have a big impact on the New York Giants if DE Justin Tuck is able to bounce back and return to having productive seasons. However, if Tuck is truly on the downside of his career, the Giants will need a pass rusher opposite DE Jason Pierre-Paul to apply pressure to the quarterback.

DE John Abraham, formerly of the Atlanta Falcons, and DE Dwight Freeney, formerly of the Indianapolis Colts, are still on the free-agent market. It isn’t really clear how much both of them are asking for in the open market. One thing is clear, however. There doesn’t seem to be much interest from teams around the league. It doesn’t even appear teams are willing to risk giving them just a one-year deal.

The Giants are currently filling holes in positions of need, but it’s certainly possible the they could look to one of the veteran pass rushers to provide some extra pass rush. If the Giants plan on pursuing either one of them, they should look to negotiate and drop the asking price. If so, it will not be worth signing an aging pass rusher.

The Giants should also just get Freeney or Abraham on a one-year deal. They are probably looking for multi-year deals, but it’s asking too much at this point in their careers to get a team to invest multiple years in them. Freeney is younger, so the likelihood of it happening for him is higher than it is for Abraham.

Nonetheless, the Giants should feel the market for both of them. It doesn’t hurt to have a veteran pass rusher, in addition to quality pass rushers already on the team.