What are the Chances Brian Urlacher Joins New York Giants?

By Andrew Fisher
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Urlacher has now ‘officially’ been on the free agent market for a couple weeks, but there still aren’t any solid leads as to where he might land in 2013. One thing does seem clear – he will only sign with a legitimate playoff contender. At the same time, Urlacher isn’t likely to take a massive pay cut. He scoffed at the Chicago Bears‘ offer of $2 million per season, and it will likely take around $4 million to sign him.

The legendary linebacker is said to want a two-year deal, but that might be pushing it. It’s going to be tough for a franchise to commit to the aging linebacker for multiple years. I think most teams will only offer a one-year deal, maybe, with an option for a second.

The New York Giants remain in the discussion for Urlacher, even though formal talks haven’t taken place. The G-Men do need a MLB, and with Chase Blackburn leaving town, there’s a pretty big void in the linebacker corps.

New York makes sense for Urlacher, mainly on the basis that they play a 4-3, and they also figure to contend next season. But can they afford him? Right now, they’re estimated to be around $5 million under the cap, with many offseason moves still to come. With those kind of funds left, it’s very possible the franchise could look to the draft for help, instead of paying an aging Urlacher.

While No. 54 does make sense for the Giants, it’s hard to see them opening up the checkbook to pay him. They still have the Victor Cruz deal looming, and unless Urlacher takes a significant pay cut, the chances are pretty small that he’ll sign in New York. I’m going with a 20% chance that Brian Urlacher plays for the New York Giants next season.


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