2013 NFL Draft: Should Minnesota Vikings Take a Chance on CB Tyrann Mathieu?

By Andrew Fisher
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With the Minnesota Vikings in need of another cornerback for their roster, most expect the team to target one in the early rounds of this year’s NFL Draft. While CB is not at the top of the Vikings’ priority list, it’s right up there, and a key draft pick would be huge for this year’s team.

One CB the team is scheduled to meet with, is none other than Tyrann Mathieu. The ‘Honey Badger’ is one of the most intriguing prospects on this years’ draft board, as he was unceremoniously booted from LSU last season. Mathieu couldn’t put the down the pipe, and after multiple incidents with marijuana, he was removed from the program.

Returning to school didn’t make a whole lot of sense, so he did the logical thing by declaring for the NFL draft. Now, teams across the league are faced with a huge dilemma – is Mathieu worth the risk?

One thing is clear, when his stock was at it’s peak, this guy was a lock for a top-10 pick. Now, it seems like he could drop as far as the third round.

So after the Vikings meet with him, and if they determine that he is rehabilitated, should they roll the dice with the former bud smoker? Because that’s all we’re really talking about here. The guy has/had a problem with marijuana, not crack cocaine or meth, weed. It’s still not a good thing, but it could be much worse.

High or not, this guy can flat out play football. If he has cleaned up like he claims, then you would think that he could even be better now. That’s the way teams like the Vikings will have to look at the situation. First, do they believe that he’s changed? If so, then look at what a steal this guy could be.

Minnesota holds the No. 52 overall spot in the second round, and while that seems like a stretch for Mathieu, I just don’t see him making it far into the third round. If the Vikings really want him, they’ll probably have to strike in round two.

I’m okay with Rick Spielman rolling the dice on the Honey Badger. I still look at him as a top-10 talent, but just one that comes with some risk, at a lot less money. The Vikings can gamble a little bit at cornerback, it’s not the same as linebacker, where they have to get a solid pick. Minnesota already has a secondary ready for 2013, and Mathieu could just be a really solid, steal of an addition.


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