Blaine Gabbert is Surprisingly Optimistic About Jacksonville Jaguars QB Situation

By Andrew Fisher
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

No one is really sure what’s going to happen with the Jacksonville Jaguars‘ quarterback situation. With the team holding the No. 2 pick in this year’s NFL Draft, speculation is running rampant that they might select Geno Smith. If this happened, Jacksonville would have three players in competition for the starting QB spot, with someone likely to get axed during roster cuts.

Blaine Gabbert is currently the starter (in theory), but Chad Henne is also right there in the mix. Adding Smith to the competition would make things very interesting. If this situation does unfold, it sounds like Gabbert is more than prepared to do battle:

“The best guy is going to win. That’s why this sport is so intriguing to people and so fun to be a part of. The competition is daily. Every practice will be a mini-game. You need to put your best foot forward regardless of the situation. That uncomfortable feeling is a good feeling and that’s why good teams are successful – because they have that competition. It’s going to be a blast.”

I really like these comments, as it shows maturity and a competitive nature from Gabbert. At the same time, he’s just being realistic, because he knows that he’ll have to earn the starting job this season. I’m sure he’s well aware that five wins in two seasons, isn’t going to cut it in the NFL.

I’m still not sold on the Jags taking Smith at No. 2. It seems like a stretch for a guy who probably wouldn’t have gone in the top-20 last year. Why not get the team another player to build with, and give Gabbert one last chance? Three years is a fair assessment period, two seasons just seems like a rush to judgement.

Either way, you have to hand it to Gabbert for keeping his head up and accepting that he’s going to be in for a fight to win the Jacksonville starting job in 2013.


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