Chicago Bears Possess Flexibility in the Draft

By Matt Gabrielson
NFL Draft - San Diego Chargers
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 NFL Draft is quickly approaching.  Many teams will be looking to fill a gaping need that they have not been able to fill via free agency to this point.  This will not be true for the Chicago Bears as they will have the flexibility to do whatever they want.  With the additions that the Bears have made, the direction that GM Phil Emery takes now is anyone’s guess.

Coming into free agency it looked like the Bears two biggest needs would be offensive line and tight end.  Well the Bears made a splash in free agency almost immediatley by signing tight end Martellus Bennett and left tackle Jermon Bushrod. Both of those moves had fans wondering what direction the team would take in the draft now?

Shortly thereafter the Bears announced that they would be parting ways with longtime middle linebacker Brian Urlacher.  This left the team with only one true linebacker on the roster at that time in Lance Briggs. Again Phil Emery countered quickly adding linebackers DJ Williams, and James Andrews (no not the famous surgeon) adding depth and experience to the linebacking core.

So as you see some of the Bears biggest holes heading into the draft have already been filled. Phil Emery has shown great attention to detail in all these moves.  There is talk that the Bears are open to trading down to acquire more draft picks, which they do need as they currently only have five picks. While they do have flexibility with whatever move they make there are still positions that need to be addressed.  Namely offensive line and backup quarterback.

Bears fans can be assured of this; whatever move Emery makes it will be well thought out.  Emery does not appear to be the type of guy to act on impulse.  If the pick is moved clearly the Bears do not value whoever would be available at pick 20 at that point.  If they keep the pick they clearly have had their eyes on whatever player it is the bring in all along.  It is exciting heading into this draft not knowing what the Bears will do or who they will take.  It is also nice to go in with less of a fear that this pick would be a total failure as was often the case under previous regimes.

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