Miami Dolphins Won't Miss Reggie Bush Too Much

By Andrew Fisher
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

It was a bit surprising when word first came out that the Miami Dolphins would not try to re-sign Reggie Bush. After resurrecting his career over the past two seasons in South Beach, most figured it would make sense to bring him back for another couple of years. The Dolphins had different in plans in mind, though.

As we’ve seen how things have unfolded for the Dolphins over the past couple of weeks, it makes much more sense why they didn’t try to bring Bush back. Miami had big ticket players in mind to bring in, and as a result, re-upping Bush just wasn’t a priority.

This is mainly due to having two pretty solid running backs waiting for a chance to show what they can do. Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas figure to get most of the carries for the Dolphins in 2013, and the team is apparently confident in their abilities.

Are the Dolphins a better team with Reggie Bush on the roster right now? Yes of course, but long-term, they were best served to let him walk. The money freed up by doing so, allowed the franchise to ink several solid players to the roster that immediately will make them better as a whole.

Between Miller and Thomas, the Dolphins should get enough production to get by. It’s also clear the team is being built around the passing game, and that’s yet another reason why they’ll be fine without Bush. It’s Ryan Tannehill‘s team, and now he has several weapons to distribute the ball to. He’ll miss Bush coming out of the backfield for easy completions, but in the long haul, he’ll be better off for it.

Reggie Bush was expendable to the Miami Dolphins, it’s about as simple as that.


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