San Francisco 49ers Want to Bring New York Giants' Victor Cruz to Bay Area

By Brendan Harmening
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco 49ers are working on a deal that would bring over New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz, according to Kenneth Dorsey of the New Jersey Post. Cruz is a restricted free agent, so the Giants would have a chance to match any offer made by the 49ers.

However, that offer, if there is in fact an offer, would likely be too much for the Giants to match. The 49ers are resting at $4.5 million under the salary cap, so if they wanted to bring in the Giants speedy wide receiver they will have to rework a few existing contracts (usually by way of guaranteeing more money to trusted veterans). The 49ers would also have to give the Giants their first round draft pick in this year’s draft.

This deal would be worth it for the 49ers, it would instantly make their receiving corps one of the best (on paper) in the NFL. Victor Cruz would join Michael Crabtree, Anquan Boldin, (tight end) Vernon Davis, and sophomore A.J. Jenkins. The inclusion of Victor Cruz would make the 49ers one of the most dynamic, speedy, explosive receiving teams in the NFL, and provide an excellent compliment to their tremendous running game, with veteran Frank Gore, the best running back in 49ers history, and young LaMichael James who has explosive potential. Oh, and that other guy, you know, with all the tattoos. Oh yeah, Colin Kaepernick, arguably the most dangerous run/pass QB in the league. The 49ers would be stacked to the rafters with players who can bust a 50 yard gain on anyone at anytime.

The questions here are two fold in my eyes: are the 49ers serious, and why would the Giants let this happen?

I’m sure the 49ers brass is kicking the idea around, but “stealing” restricted free agents tends to be expensive business, which is why it doesn’t happen very often. As for the Giants, they may be stuck scrambling to match an $8 million or more offer, which they could easily deem out of their price range.

Sure, I bet Victor likes in it New York Giants blue, but he also wants his money. The 49ers are a powerhouse, and every move makes them more like the godfather, throwing around offers that free agents can’t refuse.

(April Fools!)

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