Green Bay Packers Wisely Trying to Lock Up Clay Matthews Long-Term

By Andrew Fisher
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers have made a few moves this offseason, but most of them have come in the form of not re-signing players. Historically, they’re a team that remains quiet in free agency, but this year they did make headlines by cutting Charles Woodson, and by failing to re-sign Greg Jennings.

It’s clear that the Packers have their long-term future in mind with these ‘moves,’ and let’s be honest, losing Woodson and Jennings, is not the end of the world for the franchise.

At the same time, they’re also looking to lock up a couple of players that they know will be around for quite some time. Contract extension talks are still ongoing with Aaron Rodgers, and a new deal is also expected to be announced soon for linebacker Clay Matthews.

The deal for Matthews is rumored to be upwards of $13 million per season. It’s unclear how many years will be included in the new contract, but you’d have to think it would be for at least five more years.

I like what the Packers are doing with their top offensive and defensive players. They know they’ve got arguably the best player at each of their respective positions, and they’re doing the smart thing by paying them now. Matthews is technically a higher priority, simply because his current deal runs out sooner.

Although injuries slowed Matthews last season, we still know how good he can be when he’s on top of his game. Keeping him in Green Bay over the long haul is an absolute must for the Packers, and it looks like we could be just days away from that becoming a reality.


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