J.J. Watt Played Hurt Entire 2012 Season

By Andrew Fisher
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Have you ever looked at that giant brace on J.J. Watt’s left elbow and wondered what happened there? I was one of those people, but I just chalked it up to a prior injury. I figured he probably hurt the elbow back in college, and now just wears it as a precaution. Well, I was a bit off on my assumption.

Watt recently came out and revealed that he played the entire 2012 season with a pretty serious problem in his left elbow. The issue? Oh, just torn ligaments from a dislocation in training camp. That’s all, no big deal…

Apparently it happened in the first week of camp, and the trainers just immediately popped it back in place. Watt admitted that the injury did affect him all of last year.

“In the beginning, it definitely affected me. All the ligaments in there were torn, they were all gone, so they had to have time to recover and regroup. So obviously, I wasn’t at full strength.”

This is just crazy, on many levels. First off, playing in all the games after a serious injury is pretty amazing, but to do it at an MVP level, is another. Watt not only toughed it out and made it to the field every Sunday, he was still the best in the league. Nobody was better defensively than Watt, and he wasn’t even 100%.

This just further affirms that this guy is a freak, and on a different level than everyone else. He says he’s looking forward to 2013, because it will be the first time he’s been fully healthy in a long time. Safe to say, the offensive linemen and quarterbacks of the league, probably just took part in a collective gulp.


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