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New York Jets Cannot Make A Mistake During Upcoming NFL Draft

The New York Jets have the ninth overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft, with the ability to go in every which direction you possibly could.

There is no doubt that the shattered Jets have many holes to fill on both sides of the ball. They lost many players to the wrath that is free agency, and are in the midst of humongous financial troubles. There are so many question marks surrounding the team dealing with Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow, Darrelle Revis, and the changing of the offensive style.

In regards to the quarterback situation, can Sanchez come back and be the player that he was in his first two NFL seasons? Does coach Rex Ryan hold a legitimate competition for the starting quarterback job, or will he give it to Sanchez? What do they do with Tebow? Do they trade him, or keep him, and allow him to compete for the starting job?

Plus, the Revis situation still looms — do they trade him or keep him?

There are so many questions, but regardless, the Jets’ main priority should be performing well in the draft. Just about every position needs an upgrade, and there isn’t a better time or place to do in than in this year’s draft, one that is as deep as it has ever been. The Jets cannot make any mistakes, especially with ninth-overall pick.

ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper came out yesterday saying that the Jets cannot be “picky” during the draft.

“They’ve taken some hits (in free agency), they’ve got a lot of holes, they’ve got a ton of areas of need,” Kiper said during a media conference call yesterday. “Don’t worry about filling needs, just take the best players. They’ve got so many need areas; you just take the best player on the board.”

Kiper may have a point, because if they do go for next best available player, they will likely be filling a need anyway. The draft will be a huge test for general manager new John Idzik, and if Idzik can pull off a great draft, then it could be a start of the new era for the team.