Nick Foles Needs to Slow His Roll, as He Will Not be Philadelphia Eagles Starting QB

By Joe Doris
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time since the tail-end of the Philadelphia Eagles’ atrocious 2012 campaign, the Birds’ backup, scrub QB Nick Foles is actually making headlines.

Foles raised eyebrows Wednesday when he said that he believes he will win the competition for the Eagles’ starting quarterback job heading into the 2013 season. The Eagles had high hopes for Foles after they selected him in the third round of last year’s 2012 NFL Draft out of the University of Arizona, but he showed little promise during his six starts in place of an injured Michael Vick last season.

You would think that Foles would have gotten the hint when brand new Eagles head coach Chip Kelly said that Vick was his guy, and decided to bring him back for one more year on a restructured deal. Or maybe when the Birds signed two additional mobile QBs, in Dennis Dixon and G.J. Kinne, this off-season. Or maybe when the squad brought West Virginia University QB Geno Smith, who is expected to be a high first-round selection in this year’s 2013 NFL Draft, in for a visit this week.

Not only did Foles fail during his six-start audition last season, but he is also not the prototypical elusive, mobile QB that Kelly needs to run his spread offense. Foles simply does not have the wheels to be a threat on the ground, meaning that the read-option play will become worthless and ineffective.

Eagles WR DeSean Jackson gave Foles a vote of confidence, calling him a “special player” and a “great quarterback,” but it seems like D-Jack is more so trying to improve his image and be that admirable, locker-room guy as of late, being that he praised Vick in the same way last season.

My bet is that Vick enters 2013 as the Eagles’ starter, with Smith backing him up after the Birds nab the former Mountaineer quarterback with the 2013 NFL Draft’s fourth overall pick.


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