Seattle Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll Picks 3 Players He'd Want With Him On Deserted Island

By Michael Collins
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve all been asked the questions before;

“What three albums/movies/books/friends would you want with you if you were stranded on a deserted island?”

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll had a similar question posed to him by Nick Eaton of, except with an interesting twist. Eaton asked Carroll via a YouTube/Twitter session, which three Seattle Seahawks players would he want with him on a deserted island.

Talk about putting your coach on a hot seat.

Carroll’s answers were actually quite logical:

“Quarterback Russell Wilson, because he’d get everyone to believe they’d make it off the island. Strong safety Kam Chancellor, because the “toughest dude around” would protect everyone. Offensive guard John Moffitt, because he’s a “half-nuts” jokester who would keep the mood light.”

It’s surprising Carroll didn’t pick running back Marshawn Lynch, just in case they were attacked by indigenous inhabitants and needed someone to go “beast mode”, or even defensive end Michael Bennett (who I think is tougher thatn Chancellor).

Carroll is heading into his fourth year as the Seahawks head coach, and after the close-but-no-cigar run Seattle made last season, they are far from being stranded on a desert island. With a flurry of offseason free agent signings and trades, the Seahawks are expected to challenge the San Francisco 49ers for the NFC West crown this season, and are looking to take their next big steps towards a return to the Super Bowl.

The question is, if Carroll and those three players were stranded on an island, which one of them is going to hunt for supper and who’s going to do the cooking?

Personally,  I would have asked for cheerleaders to be included.


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