Trades Will Be Key to New York Jets' April

By Dan Pizzuta

The New York Jets might not have been too busy in the beginning of free agency, but that doesn’t mean they won’t see their share of player movement in the coming weeks.

Trades certainly aren’t as prevalent in the NFL as much as they are in the other major sports — save for the recent movement of veteran quarterbacks, none of which the Jets were involved with — but trades could be a big part of the way the Jets attack roster construction in April.

As the NFL Draft approaches, the will they/won’t they storyline with Darrelle Revis will finally come to a close — either they’ll stay together like Ross and Rachael or go the way of Don and Betty Draper.

If a Revis trade can be agreed upon before the draft begins, the Jets could find themselves in a comfortable position with two first-round picks and ammunition to stock up on more draft picks. If New York can grab that second first-round pick, trade it to move down and pick up a couple extra picks while still being able to use the other first-rounder, there’s a decent chance of a good rookie class emerging from this draft.

If a Revis trade can’t be agreed upon before the draft, the Jets should still explore the option of trading down in the first round and acquire some extra picks — even if this draft might make that trickier than ever.

Aside from Revis, the cloud of Tim Tebow still hovers around the roster. The Jets are apparently still trying to trade Tebow. With the recent trades of veteran quarterbacks, the bar set in the trade market would be hard to limbo under. Carson Palmer was traded for a seventh-round pick in 2013. Palmer is in no way Aaron Rodgers, but he’s certainly no Tim Tebow either. If Palmer is only worth a seventh-rounder to a quarterback needy Arizona Cardinals team, there won’t be any trade market for Tebow.

If general manager John Idzik can work the phones in the next couple of weeks, the Jets could be in a much better position to produce some roster building blocks than they are right now. With the lack of player movement otherwise, the Jets might not have a choice.


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