Aaron Ross Calls His Time With Jacksonville Jaguars A ‘Paid Vacation’

By Joey Farbo
Aaron Ross
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes an athlete says something that makes you wonder if they get it.

On Friday that athlete was former Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Aaron Ross, who called his one year with the team “a nice paid vacation to Florida” while appearing on the NFL Network. While Ross may have enjoyed his time playing for the Jaguars, the fans who had to suffer through watching his season of terrible play may not be exactly thrilled to hear that he believed he was on vacation the whole time he was here.

Ross was an absolute disaster for the Jaguars last year as he was constantly beat in coverage and was an utterly incompetent tackler after he signed a three-year, $9.75 million free agent deal that lured him away from the New York Giants. Ross was released shortly after the Jaguars hired new general manager Dave Caldwell as he attempted to clean out some of the trash left behind by the previous regime. Ross has since re-signed with the Giants.

The attitude displayed by Ross is an utter disgrace given how well the Jaguars organization treated him last year. Remember that the Jaguars gave Ross time off from training camp so he could go to London and watch his wife, Sanya Richards-Ross, compete in the Olympics.

While Ross may have been thinking that he was just cracking a funny joke on television, he did nothing more than label himself as a lazy guy who is just in football for the paycheck. Playing professional football is not a vacation, it is a job, and when you mail it in like Ross obviously did in 2012 you are going to rub fans the wrong way.

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