Baltimore Ravens: Brendon Ayanbadejo Gay Rights Support Controversy

By Wola Odeniran
Mark J. Rebilas- USA Today Sports

In the society we live in, especially with this subject, any immediate claims are to be looked over twice. In today’s social media, things go around fast to the point where certain people are not able to correct themselves before their words are confused in other ways.

On Thursday April 4th, the Baltimore Ravens officially cut Special Teams Ace Brendon Ayanbadejo. The special team’s linebacker was a standout around the league for his play on that unit for many years. However, that may be overshadowed by his stance on Gay Marriage. There have been reports, most notably from written by Tom Rock, that Ayanbadejo believed, to a certain degree, that he was being cut by the Ravens due to his stance on gay rights.

Shortly after, Ayanbadejo was furious over the claims that the Ravens cut him over politics and his words were put out of context. On NFL AM this morning, he said that the Ravens have been loyal to him and if there was any time they wanted to cut him, they could have a while ago. “The Ravens have facilitated the relationships I have with the community … If the Ravens wanted to cut me for my stance on marriage equality, they would have done it in 2009,” Ayanbadejo said earlier today.

It’s too soon rush to any judgement. He believes what he said was taken the wrong way and he had to put out the fire quickly. People have the right to say what they want but they also have to deal with the potential consequences in the process and that is mainly speaking to the press. It’s all well and good for a reporter, or myself, to put a claim like that out there. However, careers can be lost just like that with one mistake. In the end, even the average Joe must double check reports on something like this because it is a sensitive subject.

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