New York Jets Are Nowhere to be Found in Recent Quarterback Shuffle

By Nick Mamary
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Lately there has been a flurry of action around the league at the most important position. The Arizona Cardinals acquired veteran quarterback Carson Palmer from the Oakland Raiders shortly after the Raiders landed Matt Flynn from the Seattle Seahawks. Colt McCoy will now be relegated once again to backup duty, this time to the San Francisco 49ers.

Palmer was traded for a seventh round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. Seattle received a fifth round pick in 2014, as well as a conditional selection in the 2015 Draft for Flynn. Of course by now, fans are aware of the need for the New York Jets to upgrade the quarterback position with Mark Sanchez’s struggles and the uncertainty of everyone else. McCoy was also obtained for little compensation.  One valid question would be where were the Jets during these deals?

Matt Flynn’s promise has already served as a topic of conversation. During brief appearances with the Green Bay Packers  he displayed an ability to put up huge numbers. Whether his production is a result of Green Bay’s offensive scheme and surrounding talent, remains to be seen. It is possible though that Flynn could be another great late round discovery like Tom Brady. Losing out to Russell Wilson in camp last year with the Seahawks spoke more to Wilson’s talents than it does to a lack of ability for Flynn. He is definitely raw from an experience standpoint, however, there is a lot to like. Palmer was an option that  also could have helped New York.

A decade ago Palmer was considered the savior of a much maligned Cincinnati Bengals franchise. Palmer lived up to expectations before suffering a gruesome knee injury during a 2006 playoff game. He never regained his original form and some began to call him washed up.  I believe Palmer is still capable of getting it done. Despite a poor team record for the Raiders, Palmer had 22 touchdowns against 13 interceptions. There is still a great deep ball in his game. He has a career passer rating of 86, which indicates a good quarterback.

McCoy faced criticism for a weak arm, but with his accuracy and smart decision making he should have been added to the competition. A brilliant college career provides a sign of hope for the future. Tyler Thigpen as I have stated would be a solid addition as well, and he is still available. It appears, however, that Thigpen will sign with the Seahawks. The Jets should have brought in one of these players as they would have represented an upgrade over who is currently on the roster. New York must now look to the NFL Draft for help.

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