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Pete Carroll Expecting Opposite of Sophomore Slump for Russell Wilson

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The proverbial sophomore slump is always a concern for second-year players in the NFL, but it’s not something on Pete Carroll’s radar for 2013. The Seattle Seahawks head coach recently made some comments on his quarterback Russell Wilson, and what he expects from him in his second year.

“I think he’s going to really do well this year. He’s going to bust out and will benefit tremendously from his first year. It may be hard to imagine he’s going to get any better, but I think he’s going to get a lot better, being he was a first year starter, first time in the League.”

Of course, what would you expect Carroll to say? Yeah I think Russell is in for it in year two… No way, this is what you expect all head coaches would say about their players. However in this case, Carroll is not only saying the right thing, he’s also correct.

I’m not going to claim Wilson will be immune to a sophomore slump, but the chances of him experiencing one are not very good. This guy is the epitome of a ‘student of the game.’ Teammates and coaches rave about his leadership and about the massive amount of time he spends in the film room, so he just doesn’t seem like a guy who’s ever going to become complacent.

It’s not like Wilson won’t have to work hard to improve next season, because opposing defenses will be ready for him, but I think he’ll be fine. He’s got the drive and determination to lead his team every week, and just on that alone, I’m going to agree with Carroll’s assessment and predict an increase in Wilson’s production next season.


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