Trading Down in NFL Draft Makes Sense for Chicago Bears

By Matt Gabrielson
NFL Draft
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Early this week I told you how the Chicago Bears have flexibility in this year’s NFL Draft, and that flexibility includes the possibility of the Bears trading down.  I truly feel that this would be the best possible thing for the Bears to do in order to better the roster.  Normally I hate the thought of trading down, but let’s be honest; trading out of pick 20 is a whole lot different than trading out of the top 10.

Bears general manager Phil Emery said when he was hired that he was going to close the talent gap between the Bears and the rest of the division.  While Emery has brought in some top notch free agent acquisitions in his short tenure with the Bears, there is not much depth behind the starters on this Bears roster right now.  Usually you can address some depth on a team through the draft, but with only five picks currently in this year’s draft, that could be difficult.

By trading the pick, you can possibly stockpile a few additional picks that would help address the depth issue on this team currently.  Now I am not saying that the Bears do not still have holes that could stand to be filled right now, because they definitely do have positions that need to be addressed.  Positions such as offensive and defensive line appear to need the most attention currently.

As far as how the Bears currently stack up against the rest of the division?  Right now it appears that the only team in the division that has a better overall roster than the Bears is the Green Bay Packers.  Though the Bears finished behind the Minnesota Vikings last year, looking at the two teams’ rosters, the Bears seem to be better set than the Vikings.  The Detroit Lions, outside of Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson, are a mess, so it’s fairly easy to say at this point that the Bears are better set than the Lions.

So as it usually does for the Bears, it comes down to the Packers.  The Bears have not defeated the Packers since early in the 2010 season at Soldier Field on Monday Night Football.  This is simply not acceptable not only for the Bears organization, but for the fans as well.  The biggest difference between the Bears and Packers right now is depth.  The best way for the Bears to close this gap is to trade the number 20 pick and gain more picks to fill out the roster.  While the Bears may not close the gap this year on the Packers, trading this pick could go a long way in making the Bears the better team in the near future.

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