What Does Tony Romo's Contract Mean for Dallas Cowboys?

By Ben Grimaldi
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It’s been a few days since Tony Romo has signed his contract extension with the Dallas Cowboys and now that the dust has settled, let’s find out what the deal means for the Cowboys. We can all see the numbers and realize that Romo is a rich man but there are plenty of other meanings behind what his contract brings.

The first thing that is blatantly obvious is that the Cowboys and their fans are stuck with Romo for at least the next five years. Whether you love or hate Romo, the fact is the Cowboys have determined they will succeed or fail with him. This isn’t breaking news since the Cowboys have repeatedly said Tony Romo wasn’t going anywhere but the financial commitment they made it perfectly clear that they believe in Romo.

Romo’s new deal also means Cowboys fans can probably forget about the team drafting a quarterback early in any of the next few drafts. When Dallas spent that much money on a quarterback, it’s was a good indicator the Cowboys feel good about the position and have no plans to invest a high draft pick at quarterback. The Cowboys should still invest in the position and think about drafting a quarterback in the early rounds of any draft if the value is there but Romo’s new contract makes this less likely of a possibility.

The new contract for Tony Romo also means the Cowboys will be up against the salary cap for the next few years. Which also means Dallas fans can expect the Cowboys to restructure Romo’s contract over the next few years to clear up cap space. His contract is structured for that possibility and it looks as though Cowboys fans can expect the next few years of free agency to be similar to this year’s.

Perhaps the biggest thing Romo’s new contract means though is the Dallas Cowboys are all in with Tony Romo and believe they can win a Super Bowl with him. They won’t be rebuilding anytime soon and Jerry Jones believes the Cowboys window to win is open for the next three to four years. Sure the contract is an extension for six years but the reality is that Jones is paying for the best of Romo over the next few years and Jones is willing to stick with this core of players over that same period of time.

Add it all up and it means Jones believes the Cowboys are close to winning a Super Bowl. Whether you believe it or not doesn’t matter because Jones does and he’s paid Tony Romo to win the Lombardi Trophy. You don’t pay a quarterback in his 30’s top dollar unless you expect to win big with him.

Jerry Jones believes in Tony Romo, or maybe he’s just too scared to go through what it takes to find another good quarterback, but either way, Romo’s extension means Cowboys fans everywhere will continue to love, and hate, their quarterback.

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