Will the Carson Palmer Deal Pay Off For the Arizona Cardinals?

By Dan Parzych
(Mark J. Rebilas/USA Today Sports)

When looking back at the 2012 season, it was no secret the Arizona Cardinals were in desperate need of help at the quarterback position–which is why they parted ways with Kevin Kolb and brought Carson Palmer on board. Palmer may have struggled over the last two seasons while with the Oakland Raiders, but the argument can be made that those numbers would have been better with a better group of wide receivers.

Now that he’s with Arizona, there’s no more excuses for Palmer when it comes to talented wide receivers considering he’ll be throwing to one of the most talented wide receivers the NFL has to offer in Larry Fitzgerald.

Of course, the Cardinals still have plenty of work to do when it comes to their offensive line, but Palmer should still be able to produce better numbers than he did over the last two seasons. For a player that is nowhere close to the level of his glory days when he was a member of the Cincinnati Bengals, this could easily turn into Palmer’s last chance at a starting job in the NFL.

Arizona still needs to figure out a long-term plan for the quarterback position considering Palmer may only have a few good years left in him, but at least this is a short-term solution to at least get through the 2013 season. Hopefully, this deal works out well for the Cardinals because if not–2013 could turn out to be just as bad as 2012 for the laughing stock of the NFC West.

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