Adrian Peterson Should Flirt with 2,000 Yards Again in 2013

By Andrew Fisher
Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Adrian Peterson proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’s the NFL‘s best running back in 2012. I never really thought there was much debate about it, but if you were on the fence, I think it’s been made pretty clear. Sure, it was fair to doubt him after ACL and MCL tears, but boy did he prove all the doubters wrong.

The season Peterson had in 2012 was more than remarkable. To suffer that kind of injury, and then come back in less time than anyone in history and absolutely shred defenses all season, is just amazing. No one saw that season coming, except No. 28.

But can he do it again in 2013?

Peterson just turned 28 and he’s clearly got a lot left in the tank. It’s not often that running backs get better with age, but it looks like AP could be one of the first. I just don’t see any way that his production significantly drops this season. Yeah, maybe he doesn’t break the single-season rushing record, but he’ll be flirting with the 2k mark again.

The only thing that might hold his numbers down a little, is if the Minnesota Vikings actually get a legitimate passing game. With Greg Jennings on board, and more help likely to come via the draft, the passing game should get better. In that case, the Vikings won’t have to hand it off to Peterson 25 times a game. That’s really the only way I see his numbers dropping off.

I’m of the mindset that it was a good thing Peterson didn’t break the record last year, because now he’ll just be more driven than ever. 2012 will be tough to top, but as we all know, if anyone can do it, it’s AP.


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