Buffalo Bills: Quarterback Kevin Kolb Unique Offense

By Scott DelleFave
Kevin Kolb
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Although the Buffalo Bills have not officially (according to the team) acquired him, quarterback Kevin Kolb is extremely excited about joining the team. The new philosophy that head coach Doug Marrone and offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett are going to implement this upcoming season has fascinated Kolb greatly.

Another thing that Kolb likes about the Bills is their offensive line play in the last few years. While Andy Levitre is now a member of the Tennessee Titans, the Bills offensive line should still be a lot better than the anemic one Kolb had as a member of the Arizona Cardinals as he was sacked 57 times in 493 pass attempts. In comparison, former Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was sacked only 30 times on 535 pass attempts in 2012. The offense seems like a rapid release style,making it extremely hard to sack the quarterback and can catch the defensive personnel out of position, or even better, tire the opposing team from not being able to get off the field fast enough to substitute.

Kolb wouldn’t be too specific about the specific philosophy. However, if a quarterback can buy into a coach’s system and implement it on the field repeatedly with success, there could be success brought back to Western New York. It is similar to what has happened since 2001 for the New England Patriots with head coach Bill Belichick and his star quarterback Tom Brady. Of course this is all contingent on the fact that Kolb beats out other Bills quarterback Tavaris Jackson and maybe a rookie quarterback, if the Bills choose to draft one.

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