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Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Are Cowboys Behind New League Policy?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A few days ago, the NFL announced they would have cameras in the home team’s locker room and show the footage that would only be available for fans who attended the games. The goal is to give fans more of an incentive to attend games and get more out of the game day experience, rather than watching it on television.

It seems like a nice concept since NFL Films is one of the reasons the NFL became so popular, their all-access view into the game of football has truly grown the game, and adding to fans exposure is worth exploring in order to get more people to the games. But just where did this idea come from?

Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram thinks the league got the idea from the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones.

“They have had cameras in their locker room, pregame, showing the guys getting ready, since Cowboys Stadium opened,” Williams said. “They show it on the big screen.”

This is an educated guess by Williams but it appears to be a pretty good one. No one markets the game better than Jerry Jones, who thrives on creativity, and making good use of all the new large video screens many of the stadiums have put in place is a great idea. It shouldn’t surprise anyone if Jones was the leading man behind the concept or perhaps the NFL just took a cue from Jones and ran with it.

It remains to be seen if making locker room footage available to those fans at the game will help boost attendance but it will be interesting to find out. Just like most of what Jones and the Cowboys do.

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