Green Bay Packers: Sign Ahmad Bradshaw, or Draft a Running Back?

By Andrew Fisher
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers find themselves still searching for help at running back. After yet again remaining quiet in free agency, Green Bay’s backfield is still right where it was three months ago – not that great. The latest buzz has the Pack interested in acquiring the services of Ahmad Bradshaw.

After it seemed he would sign with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Bradshaw left his visit without a contract, and still could potentially land in a number of spots. But should Green Bay want to acquire the injury-prone running back?

It’s really a tough call, because we’ve all seen how talented this guy is when he’s healthy, but he rarely ever seems to be at 100%. Pittsburgh reportedly wants to give his surgically repaired foot more time to heal, so that could be a red flag.

I think the Packers should equally be considering taking a RB in the early rounds of this year’s draft. They wouldn’t have to worry about injury concerns, and the draftee will obviously come a lot cheaper.

Adding Bradshaw just seems like more of the same for the Pack. Their roster has just been cluttered with running backs that are either hurt, or marginally talented. I think it’s time they started fresh and put some stock into a young gun. They need a talented back that can grow with the team, not free agent guys they hope will work out.

Everything is built around passing in Green Bay, but they could surely use a little more balance. That should start with the draft, and by letting  Bradshaw sign elsewhere.


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